From Upon time, a summer weekly serie, 4

The housemaid and I

(…) «The housemaid came from her family holiday, and she was doing fine, post summer´ish upto date, or not quite, in all her clothings from South East Asia, street fashion literaly speaking, she thought.

Designers wear is supporting families, factory [maid] is only supporting the factory owners, her husband nodded to her, as an answer.

White tennis dress, a freshly cut lawn, and a glass of sparkling water, what else is there to wish for, she leaned her chin back, and acknowledged the summerwind in her long hair, in the still to hot summer afternoon.

Well to do´s tennis-economy includes a maid, in the long run, or not, would it be sustainable, it occured to her mind. What if an au-pair had parallel cleaning activities in another household as well, she would mention this to the neighbouring lady, oh la, la.

It´s ridiculous how the water is dried out, during this summer, could it be the golf environments, football lawns and stadiums?, he asked like if worriedly, staring apaticly in front of him, for a moment.

Growing potatos near the sports arenas, is a self watering manner of sustainable growth, and the only way in the future to possibly defend artificially grown lawns, she suplied, as her master from Miami, included the subject sustainable landscape architecture, how great.

– What a splendid afternoon, it seems like there will be a tiny bit of sky, or even a raindrop, tomorrow? J´espere.»











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