From Upon times, summer weekly serie, 1

«- This is your corruption, your corrupted time-span and space, culture and sacrament», she said, in her vaguley broken English, sitting at the balcony with a view over the tennis-lawn, with her ecological limonade.

Glancing at him, saying, «this is how you let the platform rule «your» information, like other more closed nations did before and still is towards their citicens and population, now running the world like an information regime marathon, to be won in the long run?»

«The difference is», she replied, «they new, and opposed it, you let it happen by free will, in your freedom you choose shade to be concensus.

It is your obligation to be well-informed, you let yourself be desinformed, this is your personal responsability, and thus your corruption», she repeated.

He picked a leaf from his shoulder of his Ralph Lauren tennis-shirt and smiled, shaking his head and nodding towards the tennis-field. «Shall we», he asked, they went.»


  • Page 14, from the author Sugarplum Flowpow





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