Viva Activa, ny biografisk Hanna Arendt-film som diskutert i NYTimes



Thinking is action

«Great horror can spring from mundane roots», slik omtales hennes berømte ´the banality of evil´ uttalelse fra Jerusalem i sin tid, som sitert i NYTimes i 1963, nå igjen diskutert i samme forum.

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«Two insights stand out in painful relief. The first is Arendt’s contention that the lethally dehumanizing logic of totalitarianism originated partly in the massive displacement of populations after World War I. The refugees created by that conflict were not only stateless but “rightsless,” regarded by the nations of Europe not as citizens in need of protection but as a problem to be solved. A century after that war, Europe is again in the midst of a refugee crisis, the political consequences of which are not yet fully known.



Arendt was also concerned with the ways certain totalitarian tendencies and attitudes could persist in democratic societies» (…)




Foto: Hanna Arendt, bilde fra filmen Viva Activa

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