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«Past is Simulation
14 January

In writer Henrik Ibsen’s world, unlike Ekta Kapoor’s, there is no room for second chances. In 1879, Nora’s decision to leave her husband and kids in ‘A Doll’s House’ stupefied readers.

More than a century later, one Norwegian’s outlook on marital relationships has become food for another’s creative appetite. Only dancer and choreographer Monica Emilie Herstad’s Nora uses dance to express her turmoil.

This fortnight, at the National School of Drama’s Third Satellite festival, herStay, a rising troupe from Norway, will present “Past Is Simulation: The Ladies of the Sea vs Nora and Other Stories of the Society”. Largely inspired by Nora and Ellida, the protagonists of Ibsen’s acclaimed plays ‘A Doll’s House’ and ‘The Lady from the Sea’, Herstad uses the characters to criticize the stereotypes attached to contemporary women. 7.30pm.

Nehru Centre Auditorium, Dr Annie Besant Road, near Shiv Sagar Estate, Worli (2496-4680).»

As quoted from TimeOut India

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